WTS-Junior Programm

by Matthias Kamps, Germany

We all started out small and were fascinated by a large world of sounds and the wonders of the music. And wonderful people made it possible for us to learn a musical instrument - our parents and our teachers - the greatest gift in our lives!

Today we are part of this musical world ourselves and would like to give something back and pass on to our youngest.

For this reason, the World Trumpet Society has launched its Junior Program with which it wants to make exactly that possible. This program consists of three parts:

  1. WTS on Tour

We come to you in the rehearsal of your youth ensemble and coach the youth together with the musical directors. In these workshops we will tell of our life as professional musicians, the great experiences and passing on our knowledge to growing young musicians, so that you yourself have a lot of joy in and in the music and yourself will give the positive things back to the next generation.

In healthy times, we would come to you at the same time as the annual WTS-Seminar. Send us a message and we will organize a workshop with one of our teachers. All forms of ensemble are equally welcome: wind orchestra, brass band, trombone choir or brass ensemble. The music is the goal.

This year, the online experimentation phase, we will offer and carry out these junior seminars in a decentralized manner in many different places around the world.

  1. Expert panel discussions 

The workshops will be accompanied by an expert panel discussion during the WTS seminar from June 24th to 27th, 2021 in which experts talk about how to deal with the everyday worries and needs of young people and how we can meet them with the help of our music. And of course it's about enabling participation and musical education and conveying the friends to the music. We provide tools and ideas that will help the kids to master their musical instrument better.

  1. Kids ask a Pro 

We want to give the youth a voice in our program and make it permanently possible for questions that concern you to be asked of us, and that all year round. In our Kids ask a Pro segment you will ask one of our experienced musicians to answer your question in a short explanatory video and make this accessible to others in our member area, because you are not alone with your questions!

Panel discussion:

Friday June 24, 2021, 8:00 p.m.  // with Mark Dulin, Kristin Tielemann, Alex Freund.

Workshops 2021:

 June 24th, 2021, 3 p.m .: Matthias Kamps - Youth Brass Orchestra Meppen.

Registration and questions about the WTS-Junior Programm

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