WTS is about education, therefore we seek to make WTS accessible to students from all over the world regardless of means. Of course, this includes countries and continents with a socio-economical background that is not comparable to the income structure of industrial countries as for example the US or European countries. 

The WTS Executive Board will be offering 35 full scholarships to those in need in order to participate in the 2021 WTS Seminar from June 24-27.  

Are you in need of a scholarship or do you know somebody who could use help?
Please write to [email protected]

We would like to invite trumpet teachers and professors to follow these steps and support students in need with a personalized scholarship.

  • Direct Donation "Sponsor a Student": Your donation will help talented trumpet players from around the world to meet with the best artists in the business at the WTS Online Seminar 2021. (see sponsor button on top right)

  • Additionally: 4 for 3 for teachers! If 3 of your students sign up for the WTS Seminar, the WTS executive board sponsors a forth one ! Please reach out to us: [email protected]

Thank you!