We want to thank you all very much for your great submissions. We received way more high quality proposals than we would have expected in our dreams. Thank you so much for you interest and creativity.

The Jury consists of the following judges:

Ana Aparicio (The Orchestra of the Americas)
Mariol Arias (Director of Management and Interinstitutional Relations, Fundación Azteca)
Dr. Alexander Freund (Co-Founder and Manager of M5 Mexican Brass, Professor at Georgia State University)
Mark Gillespie (The Orchestra of the Americas Group, CEO)
Matthias Kamps (MBA, Asscociate Principal Trumpet Komische Oper Berlin)
Mark Schwartz (MBA, WTS Financial Director)

The following proposals pass to the finals:

1. NOVA TRUMPETS, Buddy Deshler (USA)
2. H, Karla García (Mexico)
3. MASTERS COLLECTION, Matthias Hippe (Germany)
4. THE LIVE DIGITAL TRUMPET, Oriol Ribera (Spain)
5. PAAX - THE LOCAL MUSIC COMMUNITY NETWORK, Diana Ramirez-Rosales (Costa Rica/Mexico)
6. THE YOUNG TRUMPET STUDIO, Guillem Torró (Spain)

As indicated on our website, the finalists will present their ideas and concepts to the entire jury on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. EST in an online meeting. This presentation consists of:

- a 20-minute pitch (possibly with the integration of a live demonstration, a video presentation, or similar)
- a subsequent Q&A discussion with the jury members can ask questions
We will send you the link and your respective time shortly.

ALL OF YOU (including the semi-finalists) are selected to participate in a live Music Entrepreneurship Panel, which will take place on June 30th. Congratualtions!
This Panel is lead by speakers of the "Global Leaders Program", with entrepreneurs Nathan Shabot, Deborah Wanderley, and Erin Bush, and is organized by the Orchestra of the Americas.