Meditation for Musicians
by Alex Freund

Have you ever thought that you are "not good enough"?
At times, do you experience stress? Have you had too high expectations? Have you ever experienced anxiety, anger, insomnia, lack of joy or restlessness ?

This dynamic class shows you a solution for what you are seeking or lacking, it might be as simple as your next breath.

The word “meditation” can be kind of confusing. Maybe it conjures up images of bearded yogis sitting on mountaintops in mysterious, far-off places like Tibet. Maybe you think you need to be seriously religious to be able to meditate – or that meditation takes too much effort for a “normal” person like you...or…Maybe…all that isn’t actually true. :)

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about meditation out there that have very little to do with what this practical tool is really all about. In fact, the practice of meditation is just as accessible to beginners as it is to that yogi on the mountain.  Some meditation techniques are so simple and effortless that children can master them and put them to use.

This is great news, because meditation has a number of measurable, “real-world” benefits including improved brain function, better health, clearer focus, a boost in creativity and more balanced moods, not to mention happiness, stronger relationships and inner peace. 
More than 2000 scientific studies have made it clear, that this is not just a philosophy or life style, it is a tool to actively embrace peace and happiness, it is a guideline to be more focused and efficient in life AND career. The best news is you don’t need to embrace any specific religion or belief system in order to experience this (check out this scientific BLOG  about meditation and music by Alex Freund).

4 day Meditation class at the WTS Seminar

  • This little 4-day  workshop shows you how your own mind works.
  • It gives you an idea how to observe it and transcend from an active attachment to the minds movement to a neutral awareness of it.
  • It teaches several mindfulness techniques in connection with breathing exercises, which is a direct link to the musicians’ physical bodywork. 

As a result you will be hungry for more, understanding that this is a practice, not a belief. The daily use of it will create the ability and the habit to let go of the attachment to the stresses mentioned before. 
The ability to rest and relax in spite of a full agenda will be one of the achievements on long term as well as the habit to act consciously and efficiently under any circumstances.

Meditation is a practical tool in your daily life as a trumpet player, as well as scales, chords or long tone exercises.

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