Arda Cabaoğlu, D.M.A., is an artist, scholar, performer, educator of music and the trumpet, resides in New York City and Istanbul, completed his doctoral studies at the world-renowned Eastman School of Music, previously studied music at Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden, and İstanbul Technical University (MİAM) in Istanbul. Cabaoglu’s mentors include Håkan Hardenberger, James Thompson, Bo Nilsson, Olle Sjöberg, and Erden Bilgen.

Award-winning performer Dr.Cabaoglu has won awards in national and international competitions such as the Grand Valley State University International Trumpet Seminar and Solo Trumpet Competition (2nd prize with no 1st prize awarded, 2008), the National Trumpet Competition of Başkent University (1st Prize, 2005), The Lions European Music Prize for Trumpet (Turkish National Winner, 2005), and the Turkish Culture Ministry National Trumpet Competition (2nd Prize, 2000). Cabaoglu performed world premieres by composers such as Theo Chandler, Jonathan Dawe, Maxwell Dulaney, Turgut Erçetin, Cenk Ergün, Dave Headlam, Evan Henry, Ibrahim Maalouf, Paul Moravec, Leif Segerstam, Daniel Pesca, Nathan Prillaman, David Riebe, Phil Taylor, Jeff Tyzik, and many more., currently serves as principal trumpet at New Manhattan Sinfonietta.

In February 2020, Arda Cabaoglu’s unique durational performance art project called Forced Misophonia: BLAST, BLOW, PULSE was performed by him at Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) during Marina Abramović’s art show curated by Marina Abramović Institute (MAI). As a part of Marina Abramović’s project called AKIŞ/FLUX, Cabaoglu presented his artwork, where he performed his unique work for 4.5 weeks, 8 hours a day at the SSM, in a specially designed project space. AKIŞ/FLUX marked a major survey of Abramović’s work and the largest project dedicated to performance art in the history of Istanbul. Cabaoglu’s work is considered to be the world's longest durational performance art project in its category, performed by a musical instrumentalist.

With a zeal for trumpet pedagogy, Cabaoglu has participated in and attended a vast listing of masterclasses and lessons with notable musicians other than his main teachers such as Maurice André, Thomas Stevens, Tristram Williams, Crispian Steele-Perkins, Raymond Mase, Fred Mills, Muvaffak “Maffy” Falay, Paul Dorsam, Vincent DiMartino, Marcus Stockhausen, Rich Stoelzel, Gabriele Cassone, Ibrahim Maalouf, Reinhold Friedrich, Stephen Burns, Mark Gould, Edward Carroll, and Wynton Marsalis. He has also pursued baroque trumpet lessons with Dr. Edward Tarr in Rheinfelden, Germany, with Leif Bengtsson and Pierre Thorvald in Sweden, and Brian Shaw at Eastman. Cabaoglu has served for 3 years as instructor of secondary trumpet classes at the Eastman School of Music, for which he was nominated for a graduate teaching award in brass instruction.

Dr.Cabaoğlu is currently assistant professor of music at The Conservatory at Maltepe University in Istanbul. He has been given lectures and masterclasses at New York University, Manhattan School of Music, previously served as a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in NY, USA and at The National Conservatory in Istanbul, and a faculty member at Encore Coda Music Camp in Maine, USA. As an educator, he directed his own music school called Upper East Side Music Studio, in Manhattan, New York City designed programs for musicians of all ages. Recently, the students he prepared and guided are being accepted to major music programs in the world.

In 2021, a live recording at Carnegie Hall, where Cabaoglu served as an orchestra member under Kent Tritle and Oratorio Society of New York was recently nominated for a Grammy Award.