Originally from Vancouver, Trent Sanheim pursued his studies at the University of British Columbia and at the Vancouver Academy of Music, where he studied with Martin Berinbaum,  Jerold  Gerbrecht  and Tom Parriot. He obtained a Bachelor of Music Degree (in performance) in 1984. He then studied with the renowned pedagogue trumpet teacher, Vincent Cichowicz at Northwestern University in Chicago and obtained a Master of Music Degree. While in Chicago, he also studied with legendary figures like Bud Herseth and Arnold Jacobs. He was also an associate member of the Chicago Civic Orchestra and performed with the Alice Millar Brass Ensemble.

During the same period, he was a member of  the National Youth Orchestra of Canada for three summers from 1984 to 1986 where he was coached by Vincent Cichowicz. Under the banner of the National Youth Orchestra, he was a founding member of the Great Lakes Brass Quintet, based in Toronto.

After his studies in Chicago, he was accepted to the orchestral training program in Toronto, but abandoned the program after winning  the second trumpet position with the Orchestre Symphoniqe de Québec in 1986.

Besides his regular work with the Orchestre Symphoniqe de Québec, Trent Sanheim has played with many ensembles such as the Orchestre Symphoniqe de Montréal, the Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and Les Violons du Roy. He also plays chamber music with the University Laval Brass Quintet and the OSQ Brass Quintet and is a regular performer of  "trumpet and organ" recitals across Québec. Trent Sanheim has been an invited soloist with the Orchestre Symphoniqe de l'Estuaire and with Les Amis de l'Orgue in Québec. He has made several recordings with the Orchestre Symphoniqe de Québec as well with the University Laval Brass Quintet and has been heard regularly on CBC Radio and Radio Canada.

Trent Sanheim is very active as a teacher. He teaches at University Laval in Québec since 1992 and also at the Conservatoire de Musique in Rimouski since 1996. He has also taught in various music camps, notably  Domaine Forget where he has taught for over 20 years.