She has a degree in Communication, Master's Degree in Arts Management from the University of

Barcelona and a Diploma in Arts Management and Cultural Policies from the same University. These

studies were possible thanks to a grant from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts. She is a

Certified Meetings Specialist, and attended the Harvard Manage Mentor Diploma. She is a current

Fellow of the DeVos Institute for Arts Management, from the University of Maryland, and has been

chosen to participate in The next generation of leading women program, offered by the London

School of Economics.

Cultural Manager and coordinator of artistic, business, social and cultural events, both national and

international. Founder and Director of MC, Ep Consultoria, Evento al Punto for 9 years. One of her

main interests are the social welfare and the creation of projects that can promote the improvement

of her society. What she enjoys the most is the management of events and projects that lead her to

meeting new and interesting places, people and situations.

She has more than 20 years of experience in event organization, communication and public

relations, mainly focused on the cultural and musical field. She is currently Management and

Interinstitutional Relations Director of Esperanza Azteca, in charge of the projects held in

partnership between Fundación Azteca, Orchestra of the Americas (EUA) and Armonico Consort

(UK). She is also General Director of the Carlos Prieto International Cello Competition, and until June

2020 she was the General Director of the Morelia Music Festival Miguel Bernal Jiménez

( Until July 2016, she was in charge of communication and institutional

marketing of the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts ( She has also worked

as content analyst for the Ibero-American Portal of Cultural Management ( and

counselor of the master's degree in Cultural Management of the University of Barcelona. She

worked as Director of Image and Development for the Conservatorio de las Rosas for several years.

Currently, as an independent cultural consultant, she develops several projects both in management

and in training, for instance, she teaches in the Master in Arts Management and Cultural Policies at

the Universidad Panamericana and at the Universidad de Piura, Perú, and is a tutor for Cultural

Development in the State Cultural Council in Nuevo León, México.

Her efforts are focused on the idea that art and culture are engines for the community´s social and

economic development.

The World Trumpet Society is happy to announce Mariol Arias as one of the judges for the Music 

Entrepreneurship Competition.