The music of Erik Morales (born Dec. 10, 1966, New York City) has a unique melodic and harmonic vocabulary that appeals to audiences worldwide. He has composed best-selling music for many types of genres (classical, jazz, pop), a trait which is rare among today's composers. His many published works encompass a large variety of styles and settings, including works for wind, orchestral, jazz and chamber ensembles and have been part of featured performances across the globe. In addition to his published works he also is commissioned regularly by schools and organizations nationwide. A good portion of Mr. Morales' work focuses on achieving a balance between artistic and educational literature. He studied composition at Florida International University, and completed his bachelor's degree at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette (1989) where he was mentored by renowned music educator Dr. Quincy Hilliard and studied trumpet with Dr. Gary Mortenson and Rich Stoelzel.

Mr. Morales began composing music at an early age. His composing career began shortly after graduation from high school in south Florida when his former band director offered to pay him to arrange music for the marching band (1985). This inevitably led to more arranging jobs and would open doors to the educational music publishing industry. In 2002 Mr. Morales signed an exclusive contract with the FJH Music Company for his educational wind and string works. Most recently, his critically acclaimed chamber ensembles have won numerous awards including first place performances at the 2006 and 2008 National Trumpet Competitions. His "Concerto For Trumpet in C and Piano" has gained widespread popularity and has become part of the standard repertoire. The concerto is featured on trumpeter Rich Stoelzel's new CD release, "A Mild Fantasie", on the Albany Records label. Mr. Morales is currently a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the International Trumpet Guild (ITG). In 2016, Mr. Morales was inducted into the Louisiana Association of Jazz Educator's (LAJE) Hall of Fame for his contributions to Jazz education in the state of Louisiana.

Currently, Mr. Morales teaches and plays trumpet professionally in the New Orleans area, in addition to maintaining an active composing and conducting schedule. Mr. Morales' jazz ensemble music is published through Belwin Jazz, a division of Alfred Publishing and his concert and orchestral works are published exclusively through The FJH Music Company, Inc. All of Mr. Morales' chamber music editions are self-published and are available exclusively through